MSD Prevention for Custodians

Advanced Skills Workshops

These 8 short lessons are customized to the main tasks a Custodian performs and can be delivered according to the calendar year. Custodians learn what they need, when they need it.

Excellent and I learned a lot and try to use most of the practices I learned.
It's good to know about safe work practices, the more the better.
Great ideas and technique tips from the sessions.
Was having discomfort prior to this program and now I have none.

Key points from the introductory course are reinforced with equipment demonstrations and hands-on job coaching and problem solving.
  • Suitable for all Custodians, Supervisors and Joint H&S committee members
  • Small focused lessons are ideal for learning and recall
  • Lessons can be combined into half-day workshops
Remember that training is only one part of a successful MSD prevention program. Enhance the learning experience, for continuous improvement. Support your training with our support programs and products.