Our Story

Kinetic Kare started in 1992 as an outpatient rehabilitation facility. Our team of Kinesiologists prescribed exercise and conditioning programs with the goal of increasing our client's functional ability to return to work. When clients were ready for discharge, we introduced them to local gym facilities so that they could independently manage their recovery on a long term basis. We knew that empowering our clients with this knowledge was the key to sustaining successful outcomes.

We were aware that workplace hazards were contributing to the injuries we saw in the clinic. As a result, we slowly took our business to the workplace with the belief that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin

By preventing injuries rather than treating them, we can improve the quality of life of all workers, and improve your organizations bottom line.


Today, our pro-active service model is still founded on the belief that the route to long-term success comes through empowering an organizations leaders and workers to take ownership of their health & safety. As such our services are founded on the participatory approach to ergonomics and MSD prevention.

Our client results prove that when we involve workers in the ergonomic process, we get effective solutions and sustainable results. A culture of "buy in" is established and MSD prevention programs become worker owned and operated. Organizations reap the benefits of lowered MSD-related injuries and the associated costs.

For over 25 years, clients across Ontario call on us for our unique expertise, our commitment to service, and our passion to improve the quality of life for all workers.

Where We're Going

We continue to fine tune our services to support our long standing client base to prevent workplace injuries before they occur. Join us on the "road to zero."