MSD Prevention for Custodians

Brochure Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

Our Safe Work Practices (SWP) training gives Custodians the skills they need to work comfortably and safely, minimizing their risk of MSD injury. Engage your Custodians with hands on demonstrations, images and videos that directly relate to the jobs they do on a routine basis.

Why OUR Training Works
  • Customized for Custodians, using equipment and tools, images and videos that relate to the Custodial work environment.
  • Hands on demonstrations of the safe work practices for routine Custodial tasks.
  • Engages workers through group discussions, feedback and participation.
  • Uses the tricks of the trade we've learned from workers over the years.
RESULTS from Custodians who have received our SWP training:
  • 94% said they will remember what they learned.
  • 98% said they will use the Safe Work Practices in their day to day work.